Caterpillar Excavator 992 & 245 Hydrostaic-Hydraulic Main Pump Repair

Caterpillar Excavator 992 & 245 Hydrostaic-Hydraulic Main Pump Repair

  • $7,500.00

Caterpillar Excavtor 8J4380 Hydrostatic/Hydraulic Pump 

This Caterpillar 245 & 992 Hydrostatic/Hydraulic Main Pump Repair is serviced for a Cat Excavator part number 8J4380 or 4T7027 (either one) . We offer the repair of this Caterpillar Hydrostatic/hydraulic main pump repair for $7500.00 . And does not include final drive. This price is for repair of your pump only. For exchange prices there is a $1500.00 core charge, that is refundable. Please call to check our stock of exchange units, as it changes daily.

The item carries a one year warranty, and is remanufactured back to Oem specs using Cat hydrostatic or hydraulic parts. and we can offer a 68% discount for shipping both ways with Fed Ex Heavy trucking. Hydrostatic Transmission Service, LLC remanufactures your Cat Hydrostatic/ Hydraulic swing motor back to OEM specifications using Caterpillar parts, each Cat hydraulic/ Hydrostatic swing motor is calibrated and tested, to like new performance for all Cat Hydraulic/hydrostatic transmissions,swing motors,pumps,hydrostatic drives or Cat Hydraulic hydrostatic equipment, these remanufactured Cat Hydrostatic/ Hydraulic swing motors are ready to install on your Cat Excavator or Cat equipment when you receive them back,each Cat remanufactured hydraulic/hydrostatic swing motor has a one full year warranty. If you do not see your Cat Hydraulic/ hydrostatic swing motor,pump or motor listed on our store, please contact us with your Cat model number and we will give you a firm price.

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With us Repairing and finding the correct hydraulic/ hydraulics pump or hydraulic/ hydraulics motor will never be a problem we offer replacement ,original pumps and service exchange for all the following once we have identified your needs we will put item  strictly on sale on our ebay site.

Just send us the part number of the pump and the manufacturer plus what machine it is fitted to and the year of manufacture of the machine.

You can also email a photo of the pump or motor.


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